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Sunshine ABA Therapy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) owned and operated organization that places Trauma-Informed ABA, positive behavioral support, and strengths-based holistic programming at the forefront of each hour of service implementation.

Sunshine ABA Therapy has several years of diverse experience working in the community, in schools, and across multiple centers to meet those diagnosed with Autism specific needs of all ages in sync with other medical providers.


Our Team



Ashley was born and raised in the southern part of the state of Indiana in the small town of Paoli.

Ashley earned a B.S. from Indiana State University where she studied Speech and Language Pathology, and an M.A. from Ball State University where she studied Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Ashley is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and has been serving individuals diagnosed with Autism across multiple settings from multiple parts of the US for over eight years.

Ashley’s roles have ranged from 1:1 direct support to training to operational management and expansion of services. Her concentrations include quality service, collaboration across disciplines, and employee engagement. Ashley strives each day to shape these monumental domains to work collectively for an ideal outcome. Ashley has been a published author, content contributor and presenter for The Stanford Neurodiversity Special Interest Group, The AUTISM ADVOCATE Parenting Magazine, and Autism Live TV: Let’s Talk Autism. 

Outside of work, Ashley enjoys outdoor sports and/or traveling with her husband Will and their two children, Blake and Brooks.

Molly was born and raised in the heart of Hoosier nation in Bloomington, IN. Molly earned a B.A. from Indiana University where she studied Speech and Hearing Sciences, and an M.A. from Ball State University where she studied Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with an Emphasis in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Molly has been an active Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) since 2018 and has been serving children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) across multiple settings in Monroe and surrounding counties for over eight years. Molly specializes in early intervention, communication training, targeting essential daily living skills, parent collaboration, and Natural Environment Teaching (NET) best practices.

Molly is a true Hoosier at heart. When she is not in the community working as a BCBA, you can find her at home or on IU’s campus with her three boys and husband, Jake. Molly is also a special needs parent who enjoys nothing more than family outings and spending time with her dear friends.





Dr. Chris Holmes MD has been a vital part of the autism community in Monroe and surrounding counties for many years. She has worked in nonprofit medicine in general pediatrics, with a special interest in behavioral and developmental pediatrics and autism, for decades.

Recently Dr. Holmes has been spending much of her professional time offering Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnostic services for children in both Indiana and Ohio. Dr. Holmes was raised in Florida, attended college in Virginia and England, graduated from Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and did her pediatric residency at the University of California San Francisco. She has had appointments as Volunteer Clinical Faculty in Pediatrics at the University of California Davis, Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics at Wright State University, and Volunteer Clinical Faculty at Indiana University.

Dr. Holmes was a therapeutic riding instructor and Special Olympics riding coach for several years, teaching both children and adults. She was a long distance runner for over 30 years and has ridden horses for over 50 years; when she is not working with children and families she is generally at a barn. Sunshine ABA Therapy welcomes Dr. Holmes and her wealth of knowledge and personal and professional experience as we combine best medical practices and a holistic ABA therapy approach to create an ideal outcome for our families.

Adam Wheeler has resided in Bloomington his entire life. He earned a B.S. in Recreational Therapy and M.A. in Speech and Language Sciences from Indiana University Bloomington.

Adam developed an early and natural awareness of autism as a result of growing up in a family filled with neurodivergence, including his father, brother, nephew and himself. This led to a unique upbringing which helped develop his sense of empathy and understanding of learning differences. Since age 13, Adam has worked in varying capacities with folks with many developmental disabilities; experiences that, coupled with his neurodivergent upbringing, all melded together to form his unique approach to reaching neurodivergent learners focused on radical acceptance and interest-based learning.

In addition to his work with MCCSC as a Speech Language Pathologist, Adam established his own practice, Celebrating the Spectrum, to further his vision of providing satisfying, effective, and profoundly respectful care for neurodivergent learners throughout their lives.


Speech Language Pathologist


Board Certified Behavior Analyst 

Jad Makarem was born in Detroit, Michigan, and spent the majority of his childhood in the United Arab Emirates. In 2014, Jad returned to Detroit, where he attended Wayne State University, double majored in Political Science and Mathematical Economics, and minored in Middle Eastern Studies. After working as a behavior technician for two years, Jad pursued a master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, graduating from Western Michigan University in 2022. Jad became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in June of 2023, and joined Sunshine in March of 2024, as the Lead BCBA for the Mitchell, Indiana location.

During his development in ABA, Jad had the opportunity to work with a very diverse clientele. Many of the individuals he serviced as a technician and BCBA were between the ages of 11-16, growing up in varying economies, and encompassed a plethora of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This experience, coupled with Jad’s own experience as a minority, shapes his desire to eliminate barriers to accessing ABA therapy. One of Jad’s other focuses as Mitchell’s Lead BCBA is to develop a confident, efficient, and ethically motivated team of BCBAs and behavior technicians to service any individual who seeks treatment with Sunshine.

Outside of ABA, Jad enjoys cooking, exercising, playing piano, going on road trips, and looking at random places on google earth. Outside of ABA, Jad has been a math tutor, a pedal pub driver. Welcome to Indiana, Jad!

Haley Barrow was born and raised in Bloomington Indiana. She earned her Bachelor’s in Social Work and a Certification in Gerontology at Indiana University and her Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis with an Emphasis in Autism at Ball State University.

This year, Haley is celebrating 10 years in the field of applied behavior analysis and 4 years as a BCBA. Haley began her career in Indianapolis and has a wide range of experiences including working in homes, schools, mental health facilities and ABA clinics serving clients of all different ages.

When Haley is not at work, you can find her spending time with her husband and three children. She loves camping, watching her husband race, shopping, decorating and frequent trips to Florida. Haley’s life motto is “embrace your dreams” and her dream is to make a difference in the lives of those around her.


Board Certified Behavior Analyst 




Board Member

Dr. Cathy Pratt, BCBA-D, is the Director of the Indiana Resource Center for Autism located at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Indiana’s University Center for Excellence in Disabilities.  Dr. Pratt also directs the Indiana School Mental Health Initiative. Dr. Pratt serves on numerous Advisory Boards, including the Autism Society of Indiana and the College Internship Program.

In the past, she served on the Board of the national Autism Society and is a Past Chair. Dr. Pratt also serves on the Panel of Professional Advisors and the Public Policy Committee for the Autism Society. She also served as a member of the expert working group on services and was a member of the public review committee for the Research Roadmap of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee and in 2010 was invited to the White House to provide feedback on the president’s initiatives on autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Pratt has been honored by the Autism Society with the Individual Achievement Award, with the 2005 Princeton Fellowship Award, and with various awards through NYFAC (New York Families for Autistic Children, Inc.), including recognition from the United States House of Representatives. In 2008, Dr. Pratt was awarded with the Distinguished Service Award by the Indiana Council of Administrators of Special Education. Dr. Pratt was the Shibles Distinguished Visiting Professor in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Maine. In 2016, Dr. Pratt was awarded with the Charles Heineman Allied Professional Award through the Indiana Psychological Association.

In 2022, she was presented with the OCALI Lifetime Achievement Award and in 2023 with the Distinguished Service Award through the Indiana Council of Administrators in Special Education. She writes and presents internationally on the following topics: autism spectrum disorders, ASD and co-occurring mental health, functional behavior assessment/positive behavior supports, applied behavior analysis, instructional approaches, evidence-based practices, systems change, and policy.

Nathan graduated from the Chicago School of Psychology with a Masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in 2013.

While attending the Chicago School, Nathan also acted as President of the Chicago Student Behavior Analyst (CSBA) club and went on to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) that has served in multiple integral roles around the U.S. setting standards for the field of Applied Behavior Analysis care, processes and procedures.

Nathan has more than 15 years of experience in the field of behavioral health and sciences with concentrations in Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), trauma and crisis management, direct clinical oversight, coding, data software programming, systems development and better understanding value-based care.

Fun fact: Nathan directly supervised both Ashley and Molly through their supervision practicums in their Masters programs!


Board Member


Board Member

Will is a graduate from the risk management and insurance program at Indiana State University. Will has earned master’s degrees from Olivet College (Masters of Business Administration) and Butler University (Masters of Risk Management and Insurance).

Will also holds numerous certifications (Certified Risk Manager, Associate in Risk Management, Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter), and also has received global awards in recognition of his industry expertise (Indiana State University/Rising Star Award, Risk and Insurance Management Society/Rising Star Award, Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce/10 under 40 award).

In his current role as Global Director of Risk Management, Will oversees the procurement and claim management for all lines of property & casualty insurance worldwide. Aside from Risk Management and Insurance, Will’s responsibilities include Business Continuity and Vehicle Management oversight. In his spare time, Will enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports, and cheering on the Indiana University Hoosiers.



We offer a variety of ABA Therapy services that have been proven to help families with autistic children.